Dream 024 - Ways of fishing


The dream is divided into three parts;

Part1------- I have a fish farm which looks like a conveyor belt of a supermarket, and at the end is a deep pond where the fish are kept. If I ever need a fish, I press a button and automatically a fish is selected and moves down the conveyor belt to be used.

Part 2------ I see another fish farm; but is looks like a ditch and the water is muddy. I can see the fish swimming about in the dirty water, I caste my net to catch one.

Part 3------ I am looking down on a gorge in a mountainous dry landscape. It is like a satellite picture, and I can see the twist and turns of the gorge. Then all of a sudden there is a flash flood and water gushes through the gorge, washing everything in its path.

Then I see a man running down and collecting the big fish that have died because of flash flood.

The dream ends and fades away.


The fish farm symbolises the pool of knowledge that is available to all who know and how to access this wisdom.

Part 1--- concerns spiritual guidance; if we are unsure in our life and need answers then we can tap into our higher consciousness to get the answers, shown by the conveyor belt. This is the easiest and correct way of getting the right advice when we need it.

Part 2--- concerns the material mind; if we rely on our own logic to solve our problems or get fresh ideas, then it will sometimes be not correct as it is all guess work and maybe not correct, as shown by the dirty water. The logic is polluted with greed and mixed emotions that can mislead ourselves and lead us away from any correct judgements.

Part 3---concerns using other peoples ideas; again we normally rely on advice of others who in turn have learnt the hard way through there own mistakes. It may be based around experience but the outcome cannot be relied upon as we cannot see into the future to say for certain that it will be correct.

All these parts are about advice and how to receive and execute it.