Dream 023 - The Path of Frogs


I saw that I was coming home from work, wearing my suit and tie. When I approach the house I make my way to the back door, instead of going through the front.

I follow round the back, walking on a gravel path bare footed. I also noticed every where I step, there were frogs on the path, some small and others very large.

The side of the path were small ponds where the frogs were living. As I watched my step, I saw some of them were slimy but most were very healthy. I accidently stood on one, and the frogs gave out a load croaking sound, which was familiar to all frogs sound.

I carefully, step by step walk around to the back of the house, staying close to the walls. As I pass I can see more small ponds by the path; until I see a steep step leading to the house. I notice that the back garden was completely flooded to the back entrance of the house. The water was crystal clear and beautiful to the eye, as I concentrated on the water I could not see a single ripple anywhere, it was so peaceful.

I put my left leg on the step, I soon realise that I may not be able to get in the house, as the step is too steep and it is a big strain to get the other foot on the step. As soon as I thought of this, the door opens and my wife grabs my left arm and my mother, Ascended Master Saida Khatoon, grabs my right arm to pull me into the house.

The dream fades away and ends.


When I was walking along the path of frogs, carefully, this signifies my spiritual journey. Even though it is a struggle to walk along, there is success and a blessing at the end of the path.

The small pond of water is my spiritual knowledge I am being given at this moment. As I continue down the path I see further ponds by the side, meaning other knowledge has been bestowed upon me. Until I reach the back garden and see it completely submerged, means that I will soon be given further spiritual knowledge to complete my journey to full enlightenment.

As I step into the house, I am helped by my mother and my wife. This means that I will be supported by both of them in my spiritual journey.