Dream 021 - Bravery of an Arab


I am in a hospital tending the wounds of an Arab. He has been shot twice, once in the chest, the other in the abdomen. He is screaming in pain and I frantically try to save him and stop his bleeding.

He is under thirty years old and skinny build, he is lashing out and moving side to side because of the pain. I hold him down to stop him injuring himself.

Four days later I see the same Arab walking down the road with his friend. He is going back to work. He is a manager of a shop and he has recovered rapidly.

I rush up to him and ask him if he is okay. He grabs my hand to greet me and says he is fine. He is grateful that I tended to him in hospital. I leave him to carry on with his business.


The Creator has shown me an act of bravery by this Arab, to recover from a near fatal shooting incident and then to go back to work, four days later. It is truly amazing and this has not gone unnoticed. The Creator is applauding this determination.

There are many incidents around the world which people are unaware off. However, the Creator witnesses every event in every second of the day. He praises when it is due.