Dream 019 - Flower Seller


I find myself as an observer watching children of mixed races living in an apartment.

Even though the children were all from different races, they were all one big family. They were playing and some were arguing with each other, a typical family life.

I decide to leave the apartment and go outside, and realise that I am in New York. I walked down the path when I see a flower seller. The man specialised in selling wreaths. I stood a far watching all the different styles of wreaths and the beautiful flowers.

Next thing I notice that the man was changing his displays and took all the wreaths outside of the shop and left them in different buckets of water. I decided to approach him and asked if I could have the flower heads.

He looked at me and said, ‘you are a Sufi, I can tell from your voice and the politeness you have spoken’. I was amazed by his insight. Then a customer comes to buy some flowers and I move to the side so that he can serve him.

I then find myself in a hotel with my spirit guide, which I had used to track this man down. We are in French Guinea; this is where this man is from. He had decided to go back to his country to see his family.

I can sense his worries, and he was thinking about the instalments of his car, which he had not paid for the last two months.

The dream fades away and ends.


The dream is in two parts; the children in the apartment signify the different races all around the world. They co exist and live together in this planet; as I felt they were my family, my subconscious is informing me of my duties to incorporate my message to every one without being biased towards a race.

The flower seller is a typical or a normal person and his basic requirements that are not being met. He is struggling with his car payments and making an adequate living to provide his family.