Dream 016 - The Book


It was dark and I was walking around, then suddenly I realised I was holding a book.

I opened the book and realised it was about me. As l looked either side of the page I was puzzled.

The two pages were in the form of advertisement rectangular blocks. I stood there staring and wondered what to do. Then I turned the over the page and the next two pages were for somebody else; exactly the same layout as mine.

Then I turned over several pages and each time there was a different name. So I decided to turn back to my pages and begin to read the information.

The dream fades away and ends.


The book in my hand was the Book of Life; inside was all the things that are destined to me, if I carry on or if I work hard and achieve those things.

The other names on the Book were my responsibilities.  As I have gained the Creator’s trust he has put some people in my care to guide them through life.