Dream 015 - The High current


I see myself walking in a stream, but it a wide stream and up to my knees. There are trees scattered around and the sun is shining down. It reminded me from a scene in Africa, as the area was half desert and trees.

As I keep walking down the stream, I see people too in the stream going in the same direction or the opposite. There were not that many.

When I come to the end of the stream, I realise the water falls down and is actually a deep waterfall. I stand at the edge and watch the water fall down on to the rocks below. It was incredible sight.

I then turn around and walk downs the stream again in the opposite direction. As I get further and further down, I recognise some of the people I come in to contact with. Then I see a car moving down the stream, and the current is getting faster and higher. It is now up to my chest and everyone is trying to stay a float and not get washed away.

I help people get out of the water and some are following me, and I wondered why. One person was so frightened and shocked would not let go of my hand, it was an overwhelming experience.

The dream ends and fades away.


The stream signifies my life and the journey I am taking. Then the current of the water becomes faster and difficult to walk in. This means that it is going to be a challenging period for me, however it is also going to be challenging for the people around me too.

At the end of the dream when I am helping others out of the stream, it means that I will overcome these difficulties and will soon pass away.