Dream 014 - The Sky Needle


(This is difficult to explain, I hope everyone reading can picture this in there minds).

I was standing underneath the sky; it is a beautiful day and the sun is shining. Then all of a sudden a needle (closes thing I can think off) is pivoted at the centre, appears in the sky.

Compared to the sky, it was huge, perhaps miles long and slanted downwards at me. Imagine a clock face with the hands of the clock, now take away the numbers and concentrate on one hand of a clock. This needle or hand was moving around at the centre.

However, at the end of the needle was something mechanical stuck onto it.; closely resembling Lego pieces. Now remember this is miles long and slowly revolving around at the centre. It took most of the sky.

I stood there in amazement, staring what it was.


What I saw was a mechanical device in the sky, this translate to a process which has been activated in the planet. This is an energy wave which has been activated that will transfer to the rest of the world.

This process is the next phase of ascension in these three sacred months as described in my channelling.