Dream 013 - Blue Veil


I see myself sitting down on my sofa watching T.V. It was nice day and I was completely relaxed.

Then all of a sudden the colours in the dream changed. They were clearer and vivid, even the dream I could see intense detail of everything. It was just like my regular eyesight.

A woman, wearing a sequined embroidery dress, walked by. It was my mother and I noticed she had a veil over her face. She sat down next to me and stared straight into my eyes.

The dream fades away and ends.


When the dream changed colours and became vivid, this means that my instinct and spiritual understanding has increased. This also includes that I have raised my vibrations further.

My mum wearing a veil signifies that there is further knowledge she wishes to pass to me and that there is further teaching to learn.

By staring into my eyes she is reminding me of the tasks that I need to do.