Dream 012 - UFO - Pick up


Me, my brothers and dad are all on a balcony on a skyscraper. The building was so tall that I could not see the ground or neighbouring building.

When I look across and over the horizon, I can just about see the sun as it is covered by clouds. In fact it is a very cloudy day and now and then the sun can be seen. We are enjoying the view on the balcony; it seems we are in the clouds as the building is so tall.

I gaze at the sun then I notice a few lights slowly whizzing over at a distance. I looked at my family and said did you see that. When we looked back the lights were gone.

In my mind I knew it was a UFO, but not had seen this. So I kept on looking until there were several slowly moving across the sun, this time everyone saw this. We kept on looking then there were thousands moving across.

In the same direction there was a flash of light at a distance and I saw a huge Mother ship, the UFO’s looked really small compared to the ship. Then from the ship and the UFO’s from the direction of the sun, all came out in every direction very fast. Each one was different and they moved incredibly quickly.

Then suddenly, one stopped at the balcony, its glass hatch opened up and the Alien reached out its three fingered hand, and said ‘come on up, I will get the rest later’. I reached out to grab him and sat behind the alien.

The dream fades away and ends…. I woke up and was given the instruction from my higher conscious to meditate.


We have to wait and see if the Alien are going to help in the ascension of mankind. There were thousands of these scout and pod ships, and having looked at the mother ship, it can easily hold several UFO’s on board.

It looked like a rescue mission and they all had someone to pick up. Hopefully the future looks bright and lets all be patient over the outcome in the coming months.