Dream 010 - Economic climate


I saw lots of things, and the whole dream was moving from one place to another; until I saw myself walking down a road, and then into a shopping area. The shop keepers were not happy as they were all allocated a shop in a location which they were not happy about.

I was observing there moods and frustrations as there were little customers coming to these areas.

Then I saw myself analysing my one dream; I had already two dreams before this one, my higher consciousness was telling; even though I cannot remember them.

The dream fades away and ends.


The first dream clearly highlights the economic climate all around the world. There is definitely a slow down in spending and it is felt by the shopkeepers and even big outlets too.

I captured in my dream the frustration and despair of an average shopkeeper and all there emotions. They were getting to a point where they were asking themselves, is it worth it.

The next part of the dream, is telling me how many dreams I had during the night. Just before I went to bed I had this very question, after just compiling the series from the Chapter Ascended Master. So this was circulating in my mind.

My higher consciousness gave me the reply, even though I cannot remember the other two dreams. It just shows when a person is tuned answers are given at any time. This is the gift of the Creator to all.