Dream 009 - Living


I see myself going with my family to a shopping mall. It is not crowded as we go through one shop to another.

The sales assistants are very eager to serve us and guide us through there range of items. But I was not interested and continued to walk around through to the next shop.

Whilst walking I passed a food place and decided to go back and place an order, then when it was time to pay, my wallet was empty. I was a little embarrassed and said I’m sorry, but I still want the food and can you keep it with there and I will go to a cash point and get some money out.

I quickly ran to the machine and came back.

The dream fades away.


I was thinking to go shopping today and the Creator is reminding me to take some money. I did not know that my wallet is actually empty.

Even in every day small things the Creator is guiding and advising me. It is his love and mercy that he does this on a daily basis to all the individuals around the world.

It does not matter what nationality or religion the Creator does this. We have to give thanks and I too am grateful that he has reminded me.