Dream 007 - The UFO base


I am flying over a polar region somewhere on earth. It is bitterly cold as I can see huge glaciers and icebergs. The place is huge as fly over the barren frozen place.

I realise that what I am seeing is in the period during WW2 (World War 2), as I notice a battle ships during this period. Then I notice a big American base hidden between the glaciers.

To my surprise I see loads of UFO’s flying around in the region. I am still flying around surveying the place, when I see aliens on the ground on guard at there gun posts. When I look down they are tall and the gun posts almost too small for them.

Then my eyes focus on more UFO’s flying around the sky as though they were protecting the area and working in collaboration with the American Navy.


It is quite possible as long ago during WW2 that a contact has been made with Aliens from another planet. It is widely accepted that America and other super powers have made contact and have shared knowledge to accelerate there advancement in military and technology.

In the Polar Regions most of it has never been really explored because of the bitter low temperatures’. There would be no surprise that there would be bases from other countries too.