Dream 006 - The Lock


I see a secret chamber which is surrounded by a gate wall, about six feet tall. I concentrated and focused by eyes and realised that the chamber was a mausoleum, with a dome. It must have been about 12feet of length and width.

This mausoleum was in a cemetery which was big with grass lands where the eye could see.

But I felt that this was a secret place kept away from others, it was why it was in a cemetery.

Me and a group of scientists go to inspect and open up the mausoleum gates then into the chamber. But the lock had a triple combination which was puzzling to all the scientists. We tried different ways of opening the lock, but it was far too difficult and we could not understand how we could open it.

One scientist suggested reading out aloud the meaning of German symbols which was adapted from the Sanskrit language of India. When he did the lock opened and we went through the gates.

The dream fades away and ends.


This dream is about opening the secrets of the heart and acquiring spiritual knowledge. The chamber is the heart and as it is not opened in the beginning, the reason why it was locked.

By reading Mantras/ Biblical / Quranic or Sanskrit verses the lock was opened. Reading helps to raise the frequency to the level of opening the heart, we can then read the knowledge which is bestowed upon us all.