Dream 005 - Skyscraper


I see myself walking through rooms after rooms, and then I find myself on a long corridor.

When the corridor finishes I realise that I am on a huge skyscraper; which is still being constructed. It is so tall when I look down the clouds are below me.

I notice two construction men drilling and finishing their work. There is a lot to do to finish off and complete the building. I move around the building and realise that the walls have not been done and it is just standing up from the girders of steel. It is the vastness of the building that takes my surprise.

As I once again look out across the horizon I cannot see anything but clouds which are grey.

Then suddenly I here noises above my head. The construction workers heard it too and one says it must be the sixteenth floor and they go to investigate.

The dream ends.


The skyscrapers signify my mind and how vast it is. It also shows how much knowledge is going to be kept in the rooms of the skyscraper.

We must remember our mind alone is like a library of knowledge and is orderly kept, and can be accessed immediately when we think of any subject.

The workmen working on the skyscraper are Angels tending to my mind and act as messengers and guardians.

The noise heard on the sixteenth floor reminds me of my responsibilities in the material world and is part of the architecture of the building or my mind.