Dream 004 - Dishonesty


I see a huge great white shark swimming in the ocean, patrolling his area menacingly. Then I see the shark trying get into a compound which is surrounded by thick steel dark red coloured walls. This is my subconscious protection, I am really scared.

The shark keeps pounding at the walls of the compound determined to get in, then the walls give way and starts swimming wildly around. His teeth look really frightening, I runaway to the embankment.

Next I see the shark coming towards the embankment and turn into a man. The man has a high position in his life and he is determined to get his way in all matters.

I see him talking to some people; every word he says is dishonest and full of exaggeration and lies. All he wants to be is to make other people feel small against him. He simply does not care how others feel he just carries on overpowering the man with his pathetic words. His wife appears but does not stop him but just looks on.

I am scared as I picture him as a shark, but get some courage and talk to him how wrong he has been. I tell him that he should be careful how he talks to people and show some consideration.

The dream fades away and ends.