Dream 003 - Pole shift


Me and my older brother are in a paradise island staying in a hotel. The place is incredible and not a lot of people could afford such a place.

The sun is shining and it is a clear day. I look around to admire the beauty and marvel at the sky, as there was not a single cloud anywhere. We go for a swim in the shallow sea and rest on the white sands of the beach.

There are only a few tourists due to the high cost of the hotel.

As the night falls, and everyone is sleeping, the earth crust begins to shake then suddenly completely turns. Everything around the world becomes displaced. There are floods in most countries as the force of the pole shift causes tsunamis.

By morning our hotel and the neighbouring guest houses are destroyed and most have lost their roofs. We are waist deep in water and people were panicking around wondering what to do.

I look at the horizon, very far away I can see huge skyscrapers which are half submerged. In fact I could not see any land visible for miles; instead only the water.

Then I noticed our island, and the sandy beach, the tourists quickly swan towards it frantically we decided we should too and find shelter.

The dream fades away.