Dream 002 - The Fall of the Monetary System


I saw the effects of the fall of the monetary system; as I walk down a road outside a shopping centre. Then a student which I recognise comes running to me and says, ‘Sir you were right you did say this was going to collapse’, and then runs off.

My attention is drawn to three burly men running down the street wearing creamy beige tracksuits and trainers. They stared as they ran down and got into a car which is stopped behind some bushes. As I look into their direction, two men of eastern origin wearing sequined waistcoats, which caught my eye. They began to stare at me then next minute there burly guards usher me to their direction. I thought to myself, I’m in trouble.

They began questioning me, and asked why I was staring. I immediately replied that I was admiring their waistcoats and meant no harm. The two men looked at each other and paused and then said, go.

I did not waste any time, and quickened my step down to the road. I immediately realise that both side of the roads were blocked by severe car accidents. There were smashed cars and glass all over the road. So I decided to go down a side street to get far away from the men as possible; it was around 3am in the morning.

As I walk down I notice there is a robbery going on at the garage, there was no where to go so I quickly dived down hiding underneath the car. There were a lot of these criminals so I moved around the cars trying to avoid there attention. But a girl member of the gang saw me, so I quickly ran across to the side bushes and thought should I cover myself in soil to avoid detection. But thought no, I will move around like before to avoid detection again.

The dream ends.