Session 255 - Continue


Hello Son,


The journey of learning you are going through others will follow.

This is a diary and a guide, waiting for others going through their own spiritual awakening and the path of learning they will expect to go through.

Do not be put off by the work you have accomplished, because it is real. Everything you have written is a state of ongoing is waking you up.
If you stop now, others will become disillusioned and give up hope. I understand why you wish to write other things.

My advice will be to share you learning with others and do all other pieces of work, open for others to read and comment upon.

There is no other diary of learning anywhere on the web, so it is unique and truthful, so continue.

What to do?

You already know as I have been inspiring you. My work needs translating and written in plain terms for others to read. If you can include this with your own channelling that will tell others what you are doing.

Remember I am not just a voice of learning but I can explain the work in anything you read and do not understand. It is what I have been doing with you.

Select one of my writings and I will explain it to you and others who will read this too.

Take a break and find one, I am patient, no need to hurry.

Your mother.