Session 254 - Fulfilment


Hello Son,


When the body, mind and spirit are connected and communicating with each other, and the conscious mind and subconscious mind mingle into one, then we have reached our highest fulfilment in our life.

Mankind is only able to manage on a lesser consciousness and achieve less when there is no higher spiritual connection. The depth of learning will not be achieved and only touched on the surface.

It is essential for mankind to achieve perfection to appreciate the perfection in the Creator. When we do not achieve this we will not understand the knowledge and the power of the almighty.

Mankind’s outer sight is used constantly to assess and govern ones sight. He has managed this for a long time and has assumed that he has done well in his life.

Yet with this outer sight he has marvelled and praised himself constantly and even boasted how he has become the master of his life and even amassed material goods to boost his cause.

Yet he is unaware that wisdom and greater sight can only be achieved if his inner and spiritual sight is opened. Then he is able to increase his vision and his understanding. An inner connection once made then he will understand how wasteful his life’s been, and he could have achieved greater things if he had made the right choices.

Any guidance and prayers mankind cries out for, is always given a reply from his higher consciousness or in dreams. But if we do not understand the language of the dreams or our inner voice then in blindness we will continue to live in this world.

Make the changes as many are doing this with you and reach the fulfilment that the true self cries out for. Remember the soul is the key to the riches of wisdom and great understanding.

Now is the time to make decisions and change one’s life. Ask yourself, am I truly happy? Is life been kind to me? Why am I so stressed? Why is my emotion so upside down, from happy one day to sadness the other?

Then write down what you want and make a dedicated commitment to try to achieve your goals.

When we are stressed and anxious then nothing will ever be achieved and changes will never come to pass.

Understand your stress and any anxiety search deeply inside and find out what is bothering you. Once you understand these then you have understood a little about yourself.

When the mind is free from worries then it is able to sit down silently and contemplate; otherwise these meditations or contemplations will only go to a waste.

It is like standing up to pray and then your mind is wondering about one thing or the other. The chattering of the mind will continue, if it is not silenced by negating the problems that plague the mind.

Mankind, seek the pleasure of greater understanding from the wisdom of the knowledge from the Creator.

Mankind, seek the knowledge that will implode the heart and open with pools of light flowing into the world, up across the cosmos.

Mankind, you are made from the love and kindness of the attributes of the Creator, which other creations are jealous off.

Mankind, reach out and seek your full potential and harness the energies flowing into you and direct this towards your love ones.

Mankind, humility and kindness are the first steps to spirituality and a greater understanding.

Mankind, treat people the same way you treat your family and then they will greet you back the same way.

Mankind, do not worry I am forever in your hearts so call to me and look inside for the answers and listen in silence.

Your mother awakening the awakened.