Session 253 - Depth in knowledge


Hello Son,

Depth in knowledge

The length of time you channell with me needs to increase, as you will have more time as the school year is ending. This will also increase the length of your concentration.

All knowledge is hidden from physical eyes but can be accessed if a person has made an effort to make a connection. This knowledge is kept in the universal mind which houses all memories of past and even the present.

Determination and drive is what is missing in many people; as there is a lack of belief in the masses of a Creator who fashioned the world.

Religion is the foundation which can be build upon as we grow up and experience more of the world. It teaches us discipline and principles to follow and adhere to. These principles, whichever from the three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all have strict guidelines which are unique. But all have something’s in common and that is, believing in one God and that which is hidden, the after life.

Once this foundation has been achieved that it is us the learner to develop and increase the depth of knowledge, the next phase or growing up of man begins.

If mankind do not develop and create the missing link then we will continue the rest of our lives in darkness. This darkness is devoid of any light of wisdom, and we will never understand why we were born and for what purpose.

The Creator has announced to all the angels to assist in those who want to learn and wish to communicate their higher self. It is all a glorious time to build upon the knowledge we already have.

Why is this important?

We must remember that mankind is living in an illusion and this is not the real world. For so long the dark lords have kept hidden the actual knowledge and truth from the masses of people. It was their entire plan to control the world for themselves. However their ludicrous plan is failing as more and more people are waking up and finding the truth. Even their own workers are fighting amongst themselves as they too realise what they have done and the severe consequences they will face.

It is also important as your true self is the soul, which for too long has been waiting patiently to communicate with you. It is the soul that freely has access to the universal knowledge and mind.

Do all of mankind wish to live their lives in grief, suffering, physical labour, and ridicule?

Not all of you fit this category, but you do not know the truth. So all of mankind thinks that the world we live in is the truth. But no, it is only a part of a journey and there is another journey far more nourishing and full of happiness and peace.

Do you wish to trade right now this life for the next?

If mankind all knew the hidden path and its secrets we would all rush to get on this path.

The Creator has listened to all our prayers and has decided to end the suffering of mankind and all its addictions and unnecessary material wealth, which has never given any long term pleasure.

He is calling you.

Are you listening?

The next step is we have to go to Him. It is up to us to make the write choices and fulfil the dream missing in millions of people. But time is short, do not keep Him waiting.

Seek in a variety of ways which is freely available to find the truth. Even reading and then realising is making a connection. As wisdom will fill the heart and your mind and lead you to the truth.

Millions of people are waking up to the truth as they seek this out and find for themselves what is truly happening around their lives and beyond.

Do not fool yourself thinking this is the only life. This life is to realise the path one has to take in the afterlife. We have learnt lessons, harsh lessons and many times we have fallen down in despair seeking for guidance.

Do you wish to keep falling down and not find the answers? Seek and look deeply inside and silence the mind and listen. Learn to breathe and make a connection with the universal energies that feed the world and the cosmos.

Why do you not know?

It is because we have been kept busy continuously at work, away from the silence that taps into the knowledge of the Creator.

I want you to rejoice as you begin to awake from your slumber and realise that life is not what you thought. Rejoice again and again as you read these words and all the words by this author. Yes you are waking up.

Life is changing and you are all part of a new dawn, a new beginning and a new chapter of life’s history. Yes things are going to happen quickly soon, even sooner if you seek out the truth.

But remember this is about you and never forget this.

Put your hand in the air and ask for guidance and away from chores that ruin your spirit. Keep asking over and over again and give praise to the almighty Creator for guiding you in these unsettling times. Most of all say thank you as He has guided you to these words.

Try to remember and keep trying to remember as the knowledge is available to those who sit in silence and seek out the truth.

Your mother as a new step in your path of deep knowledge of awakening happens within you.