Session 252 - The weightless Soul


Hello Son,

The weightless Soul

The soul is an activity of the Creator, it is weightless yet houses all the attributes to live out its life. It does not age or dies as Gods energies are limitless and everlasting.

During its journey from one dimension to another it stores its experiences inside its mind. This happens continuously where ever it goes and who it meets.

For example, imagine a typical day, from the point of getting up, going to work, spending time with family and all the activities and conversation you had with everybody. Just one day so much information is stored inside the mind that it begins to prioritise and discard things; as it is too much to cope for the material mind.

The soul too has a journey of its own and meets many other souls during its path through the dimensions. Even though it is completely weightless it houses everything inside it own consciousness. As the soul is not bound by gravity it is able to freely roam anywhere it wishes. Its mind is endless there is no restriction of knowledge it houses during its journeys.

The soul memory is like an organised library in sections and titles. Every experience is treasured as it knows how important they are to its development. It has a continuous desire to be one with the Creator or even close to his presence.

It knows and it knows and it knows………………………the truth.

The soul knows who fashioned and made him. It is completely in awe of its mastery and wisdom of knowledge of the Creator.

If we make a connection with the soul then we can tap into its library of knowledge and the wisdom of the Creator. This connection is a desire for even the soul. It is like an eager child patiently waiting to talk to you and share what it has with you.

Understand then understand then understand again.

Do not waste the time of existence and not make a connection when thousands of people have already made theirs.

Your mother continuously sharing the wisdom whoever listens and makes a connection with their soul.