Session 251 - Unity within


Hello Son,

Unity within

There are moments in life when we are at harmony within ourselves and we can reflect upon things in life. These are precious moments in life when we are happy and there is nothing pressuring our thoughts.

When we are in this condition there is a complete balance of our conscious and subconscious minds. Wisdom comes naturally and giving constructive advice or planning for something is easy.

Being balanced and not stressed is what we all seek in life. If we did a survey and asked millions of people this question, ‘What do you want in life?’ Majority would reply that they want to be happy. We all feel this way, no matter what religion we are or race, we would give the same response.

We are made from the reflection and attributes of the Creator, and from one design called Adam. It is not surprisingly that we would come up with the same answer.

Unity within is what is needed and is a step away from the material pressures of life and accepting that things are as they are. Rather than pounding our heads against the wall or arguing with the Creator; but an acceptance of your situation and reflecting on the world as an observer. This means not being biased to one party to another but being neutral.

For some unity within is a balance of mind, body and spirit, if we think at a different level. This is a balance of meditation, religion and prayer, but this balance mankind should seek as a priority.

There are numerous paths that lead to the Creator and belief, as they all merge into one later down the path.

If we balance our material life and work situations, this is a start to balancing oneself. However, when we are restless there is no inspiration from anywhere and when this happens, it is better to listen to others and seek advice.

Smile as you read these words as you have understood the impact and its meaning.

Your mother still seeking knowledge from the Creator.