Session 250 - Purpose


Hello Son,


The world is best described as a maze of emotions or overloaded with work.

So much of mankind’s lives are in one or the other, as he is constantly kept physically and emotionally busy. The leaders and the bosses of this world have no real concept of the internal emotional upheaval a person has to endure on a daily basis. They are totally oblivious and untouched how a person is going through in their lives. If they do, then they too cannot connect to these emotions as they too are under pressure. The passion for success and to be the best in front of your peers drives many to unemotional attachments.

The key to real success is to detach from the material chaos of emotions and seek refuge in silence and contemplate.

The purpose of life is to seek wisdom in this world and the next, but not drench oneself from pressure of work.

Man has to be constantly reminded of this because others pull a person in the other direction.

Every person is needed and vital to its own community, but far too many people are not elevating themselves or better described, not believing they can do the job.

The easy life is not the way to do things but the challenges in life with the constant up and downs are necessary for soul cleansing. It is through this, man comes out to be the best of all creations. His ability to tolerate difficult situations in life and still go on is commendable.

Do not get mixed up with people who drench themselves purposely in work or other unnecessary actions that lead to them being confused.

As life is made of our decisions, we simply need to make sensible and wise decisions.

In silence during anytime of the da, meditating, man is able to restock on energies lost.

Your mother reminding you to detach yourself to the world and contemplate.