Session 249 - The breath of life


Hello Son,

The breath of life

The secret to life is the oxygen we breathe. All living species, human, plants and animals all breathe in oxygen to live. We now this and comfortably accept that it is a vital part of existence.

But what is this breath that we cannot live without?

Every second of the day for millions of years we have been breathing in air through our nostrils and carrying with our work. It is not only oxygen, but carbon dioxide and other gases in small proportions, which we are aware of.

However within these gases there is a life force which has been rarely written about which makes the connection complete with the universe and with the Creator. Without this there would be no life in any of the living species in any part of the world. It is easy to breathe, but without this life force death would be immediate.

This life force contains the link, and constant flow of energies to maintain the body, from revitalising the body and its DNA to feeding and nourishing the body.

Since the beginning of time and Earth existence, early man did not need to eat or drink anything as everything was provided through the air that they breathed. During that time there was less pollution and the air was completely pure. Early easily received all the nourishment needed to survive and were a lot stronger too.

Due to pollution and deforestation which acts as a natural purifier of air, the air we breathe is only a fraction of what it used to be. It is reason why so many people fall ill daily because of pollution and the stresses in life that the material world has put itself in.

This life force and how we breathe governs our health and any spiritual development. It is ranked as important as conduct and positivity. We cannot function to our best without this component.

When we breathe, push the air down to our abdomen and then breathe out through the mouth. In through the nostrils and out through the mouth and pausing and counting to five in each of its step. It is advisable to do this at least five times through a cycle to start with, then increase this daily throughout the week.

Poor breathing and bad posture results in less air and life force coming into the body. It is vital as part of spiritual development that this must take priority at this current time over anything else.

Once we learn how to breathe in correctly and relax, we cannot progress any further.

Rest assure guidance is provided to those who know how to listen with humility and patience. The Creator truly provides us with all that we need through this life force that we breathe. We have to thank him daily that he has never discriminated amongst its creation, belief or race.

Your mother about the secrets of life.