Session 248 - Confused? It's good to be


Hello Son,

Confused? It’s good to be

Every time we stop and think, we are actually asking for guidance from ourselves. The inner voice from our hearts and even our higher self always reply. It is a connection that is made immediately.

We think in silence again, and again we receive an answer, if you new not. It is good to be confused as we ask ourselves. This happens all the time but seldom have we understood this process.

The higher consciousness is knocking at the door of our logic mind, making us stop and think. If this does not happen immediately then it keeps knocking. Giving us images inside our minds to think before a judgement is made. Again and again the higher consciousness is asking to stop to think.

When we do so, we stop our actions and listen in silence for new thoughts and inspirations, even though we are not expecting this.

The deeper we think and concentrate, the longer the answer will be and more thorough the answer. The process of entanglement is started as the conscious and higher conscious mind mingle and transfer images to sort things out. The longer we keep on thinking, the further we ease away from our problem.

On occasions the answer could be to do something immediately or even get some help.

Being confused is a natural process as long as we think positive and believe that we can work things out. And the answer is in us.

This self motivation is a discipline for any person walking the path of God and enlightenment. Believe in yourselves and trust, too. Never doubt, fill your minds but attract the energies of positivity.

Does not the world fool you in following a path other than this one? It will on occasionally mislead you away; but always come back to the light and understanding.

It is good to be confused as we ask ourselves for the answers.

Beautiful are words of wisdom that lead you to the scented path.

Despair not.

Your mother walking the path as you do, forever and forever.