Session 246 - Seeking perfection


Hello Son,

Seeking perfection

The Almighty Creator of all things is perfect in every way and there is no ignorance in his nature. He is aware of every whisper from here to eternity. There is nothing He is not aware of. He is perfect.

As man is made of the reflection of the image of the Creator, he too seeks perfection in life and whatever he does. It is in his nature and blueprint which is imbedded inside his gene pool.

He strives hard seeking perfection and praise from his efforts as he knows that this is a higher form of satisfaction.

He knows if he does a job well by including every detail and taking into account of any errors and miscalculations, this is worth more than any other job, if done temporary.

The mind, body and soul complex too seeks perfection and strives to inspire man to achieve this through inspirations. It constantly showers the mind with ideas and images to push the conscious mind to think the same as its higher consciousness. It does this daily, advising, hoping that it takes heed.

The soul is never satisfied as it knows and has access to the truth which is hidden from our material eyes. It sees things differently as it is the truth and what steps man should take to better himself.

Perfection is the next step a person should strive for in this world. Whatever job or profession he may have, he should do this to the best of his ability and not leave any job in a temporary mentality.
It is this effort that man makes in this world in his job, that he will eventually be rewarded for his dedication. There are millions of people rewarded daily for their efforts in the work place.

God too rewards those who try to perfect themselves from their own evils and misdemeanours. When the Creator rewards a person, it is uplifting and everlasting and never demotes anybody when he strives hard. When a person’s motives are genuine then why should he punish man in any form?

Strive and succeed in any efforts in the workplace or even at home. The world will reward you and it will shower you with praise.

It can be a struggle and some may even breakdown and cry but the rewards are worth it.

Your mother too struggled in her life before she reached perfection.