Session 245 - Pursuit for happiness


Pursuit for happiness

Man’s pursuit for happiness whatever is the cost is paramount. He strives hard, spends thousands in terms of money in his life time or even buys something to give that pleasure that everyone craves for.

When he doesn’t do these things, he goes back into a state of helplessness and gets fed up again. He then goes back to the cycle of finding happiness, persistently pursuing it again.

What man does not realise is that happiness is within. It is the connection of your inner being and the answer to your heart.

Outer happiness is the material world, which is an illusion for happiness. But true happiness lies within oneself.

When we reach this connection and find this gold treasure, then we can be happy anywhere.

It does not matter where the place is or what situation we are in, happiness will come naturally.

A person reaching this state of mind, can easily lead the life in calmness majority of the time, as the wisdom within will guide him.

Do not spend time with outer happiness but spend it with inner happiness. Once reached, it will give the mind a state of equilibrium without ruining your mind in a state. This world’s illusions and things are only distractions to your main pursuit of happiness.

Find your inner peace and seek your goal in life.

Your mother who found hers.