Session 243 - Thoughts are never wasted - Part 1


Hello Son

Thoughts are never wasted - Part 1

Can you imagine or even work out every thought, every action made and every word you have spoken since birth?

No one can but, God can.

Mankind is unaware that every action made of any type is housed in the Universal computer containing all the actions since the beginning of Earth’s history.

Nothing is wasted as we are made of the attributes of the Creator; His energies are infinite and never waste away.

These thoughts and actions make up Life as we know it as they are combined with the universal laws, to make things happen. So our thoughts become actions in our life; it is to be noted by the saying, ‘be careful what you wish for’, yes they can become true as the laws of nature are there to serve mankind. It does its utmost to do so.

Life and living is made up of millions of people’s thoughts and actions, all happening at the same time. This is our material reality, and what we see with our naked eyes.

Our thoughts are very powerful as the energy completes a circuit, and things begin to happen. However some will not be able to complete this circuit and be delayed to a later time.

Some things happen at once and some later, but thoughts govern our lives.

If we are positive and happy, our thoughts are strong with energy, and the opposite effect will happen when we are negative.

Mankind should be planning ahead and actually visualising what they want in the near future or even a year’s time; knowing that, the laws will combine together to try to make them come true.

However, to accelerate the process, belief has to be strong and being positive helps.

Be fruitful with your thoughts.

Your mother, with my prayers in your hand.