Session 242 - Hidden energies in power words


Hello Son,

Hidden energies in power words

Every sacred book has power words or verses for the disciple to read over and over again. This is a common trait for all who read and follow their own religion.

On occasions these verses are read to alleviate pain and suffering or for spiritual growth.

These verses or words are not ordinary words but, they contain the power and vibrations of the Creator, who has installed hidden energies, and once read, are absorbed by the reader.

When we read a verse over and over again, the person’s internal vibration increases to the vibration of the word. The person is then tuned to word and by reading the words, makes a connection with the higher self or if we listen in silence, can make a connection that makes the conscious mind to relax. This increases ones faith, as a rapid download of energies feed every cell in the body.

These sacred verses were given and revealed by the Prophets and they contain their impressions in the words.

In the pray, ‘Darood Sharif’, it’s always associated with the Prophet Mohammed and is read by millions of people.

It is best described as a stream that flows until eternity and feeds those who read that verse. When we do so, the vibrations hidden in the words can be revealed upon that person, if they are fully tuned.

When this happens the attributes and refinements of qualities can be absorbed by the reader and the love from the Prophet is sent by him. The reader is embraced with this love. It acts as a protection and negativity cannot penetrate.

Your mother; words from the Almighty.