Session 241 - Places and atmosphere


Hello Son,

Places and atmosphere

When we go to a place for a visit, for example a new city, we automatically start feeling its atmosphere. Every person does this, to see what the place is like.

First impressions are so important to us, and on many occasions we judge accordingly to this and how we feel.

But very few people actually think and use their perception and intuitive skills to ask themselves, why?

Why is the atmosphere of a place so important to us?

The answer is simple, we want the energy associated with the place and on many occasions we use this term on a daily basis. So that we can too, appreciate why so many people live in that place.

However for this answer we use our logic part of the brain, when we should be asking our higher spiritual self.

The higher self answer is that everything, whether it may be a wall or a lamp post in a city or town is alive. Each item in that place has a separate and distinct vibration to associate itself, like a finger print. The difference is the experiences it holds inside its cells.

Every item absorbs the vibrations, noises and voices inside its structure, and is best describe as a library. As during its lifetime, this could be hundreds of years, it holds so many memories inside its library of knowledge.

This is the same whether it is the smallest piece or a large building; they act as a store house of energies surrounding them.

Collectively they emit these vibrations and act as one vibration, this could be positive or negative, but they all play the same tune.

So when we go and visit a place, we feel inside this emitted vibration and give a conclusion straight away. Sometimes we would feel excited or sometimes we want to go somewhere else immediately.

What we do not understand is we are feeling the energies of every single item, building or even the trees collective vibration.

A person in their lifetime should visit different places, to absorb these different places as they actually make us feel better inside. It is like having a rapid boost of energy tonic to the body, spirit and mind. From time to time we all need this, it does not matter who the person is.

If we stay in one place, we accumulate the same vibrations inside and we can get upset. It is important to go out regularly to experience the energies from time to time. On occasions they do change according to the surroundings.

As modernisation is taking place in a city, new voices and appreciation, for example of a new building, will be absorbed and emitted by the building itself.

If a person sees anything new we comment about it immediately, even though we say this in our minds. This is immediately absorbed in its memory library inside the item we are viewing. Then collectively they emit the vibration of the whole city or place.

It is incredible how they make us feel better, they serve mankind to please and satisfy our appetites.

It is the wonder of the infinite Creator that has given an incredible and intricate piece of creation to serve mankind.

We should give thanks to the items that we use daily because it too is alive and can feel our own energies. These items will live longer and are excited that you have appreciated them.

They will emit a new tune and vibration to please you.

Your mother knowledge of all things small or large.