Session 239 - Time for change


Hello Son,

Time for change

It is important to make an agenda of things to do and prioritise them. Far too long we have been stuck on dead end routines that only drain our energies leaving us tired out and unhappy.

We must act upon the things that we read and try to adopt them in our routines and everyday life. Every effort must be made to prepare the mind and make adjustments.

In the last month I have discussed attitudes, mental approach and spiritual routines. It is no good just reading the channelling and admiring them. An effort and even greater effort to change our lives by rising own vibrations from the third, fourth to fifth dimensions.

It only requires a designated time of regular practice and reading. The knowledge that you will require is inspiring and more importantly is gaining the understanding.

This understanding is what is missing in mankind, and so lives in ignorance, not knowing if he is doing the right or wrong actions. When we reach this goal everything will ‘click’, and we will definitely be saying to ourselves, ‘now I know’. This cannot be gained if we only spend an hour or day in 24hrs in a whole day.

We really do not understand how much time is wasted doing unnecessary things, when they can be spent productively.

Let’s be organised and write down what you really want to learn or write down the things that interest you. When this is done, starts researching and finds these things out for yourself.

But remember to include the spiritual practices of meditation and this must be on a regular basis.

The channelling is essential to read over and over again to make the correct mental state and mental purification.

Your mother wishing you all success in this venture.