Session 238 - Learn from everyday life


Hello Son,

Learn from everyday life

The Creator fashioned mankind from clay and blew His attributes as a reminder of His powers and wisdom. Then He sent him down to Earth to awaken and take heed of his life.

Every step we take and live the life, we learn from the pool of wisdom. We commonly say that we should learn from our own mistakes and better ourselves.

This is a reminder that life and every step one takes and every choice one makes is there to be learnt and appreciated.

Every example in life is a pot of gold, to learn from and extract the wisdom of that event. Simply we should learn from everyday life, from others actions and there choice of words that they use.

Take life as a school with excitement, as this too is a spiritual path that every Prophet and Saints took. A path which we all have to follow, the path of living in the world.

Life cannot be ignored so do not try to push it aside but learn every aspect of all its challenges and pain. It is through these struggles that man rises up and performs his best.

The Creator looks on in awe of His wonderful and favourite creation, and wishes its success more and more.

Your mother who lived in every emotion in her life.