Session 237 - Moral way


Hello Son,

Moral way

A thief is a coward who shivers in fright regularly. The fear of being caught ripples through his mind and his blood. When he goes to work in the middle of the night to plunder or destroy a home, he is hesitant and fear rules his body.

A liar is a coward who constantly chooses to deceive his way in life. He has no values or does not care for the people he hurts or mislead. The only person he fools is himself.

 A hypocrite is a coward for he fools himself and pretends that he is someone else; for he does not follow his own beliefs and words of wisdom that he says to others.

Every person knows inside if they have done anything wrong; a person consistently chooses this path, losing his moral values. He hasn’t a care in the world that he deceives or cheats.

Having the right attitude and leading by example are scented words for all believers who walk the path of enlightenment. Moral values and virtues are essential to gain trust over others and more importantly, to the Creator.

He loves you all and wishes more each day that you come forward into the light to awaken the soul.

Live not in darkness with silly and deceitful ways in thought and actions.

Belief is energy, a vibration, a cultivator, a illuminator, an awakener of every cell of the body mind and spirit.

Your mother evermore inspired in the words that you type.