Session 236 - Purification of the mind


Hello Son,

Purification of the mind

In life we concentrate every effort to stay healthy by incorporating strict diets. If this does not work then we try exercise. Millions of people jog daily or have joined a gym, to maintain their weight and health.

However, how many people spend time purifying their mind to maintain its health.

The mind is similar to the body in terms of its effects. If a person is ill, the body is plagued with a virus; with treatment the ailment is eradicated. This happens to us all, showing how delicate the body is.

When we are down or upset, the mind is ‘ill’, we have to treat this otherwise the symptoms will be the same.

To maintain a healthy mind is essential for personal development in spiritual knowledge, we should learn to control our emotions.

If a higher consciousness sends an image, to inspire the mind, which can be perceived as a still pool of water. We should be able to read this clearly and act upon it. However, when we are emotionally upset or negative, we cause ripples in the pool.

How can we then read the message from the ripples in the pool?
Thoughts can also cause a negative response to the ripples in the pool of the mind. So staying positive and happy is the exercise of the mind to maintain its own healthy lifestyle.

Mankind who wish to follow the path of spirituality or stay healthy, we should be careful what we eat and what we think and what we do through ones actions.

The mind, body and soul is a careful balance and is easily prone to trauma, causing instability and in some cases serious illnesses that could last for years.

The diet for the mind is controlling ones thoughts to silence the unnecessary chatter which plagues every mind of man. Silence causes the ripples to be still in the pool of the mind. We can then read or listen to the subconsciousness that calls out to man everyday.

Be still and concentrate.

Your mother, advice for maintaining good health.