Session 235 - States of mind


Hello Son,

States of mind

When we sit down to pray or meditate, there should be no other concentration or thought getting in your way, than the Creator. As soon as idle thoughts come into the mind, then the focus has less value.

The Creator demands 100% from your prayers, you should too.

If a person is praying and thinking about what is he going to eat later, what kind of impression are you showing?

This can be difficult, but through regular practice and continued focus the correct state of mind can be achieved; but remember through regular practice.

There are two states, the conscious material world and the subconsciousness of the higher self.

The material world mind contains all the memories and worries; if we try to focus with this state then conflicting images and thoughts race through the mind. However, as soon as we silence these thoughts our higher consciousness can be accessed. The memories of the world become distant and they do not interfere with our thinking.

Through silence of thought in prayer and meditation is the correct state of mind. As our energies make this connection with the higher self and then sent to the Creator to reply. In silence we receive this reply and again through the higher self.

It is silence we need in this world; a moment away from everybody so that we can focus without others interfering.

Your mother through silence she saw God.