Session 234 - Inspiration


Hello Son,


Inspiration is the spark that ignites you to do something. If you read something and it inspires you to do something, then you have truly understood the words of the writer.

However, reading something and doing nothing afterwards, is wasteful. Reading hundreds of books and not carrying out the dreams or ideas of the writer, is this not wasteful?

If this happens to you, then read some other writer’s books as you are not inspired by the words from this writer.

If you are not inspired by these words, I suggest you stop at once and read someone else’s work. There is no sin in this.

Enriching and feeding new ideas of the mind is living. If we stop and think for a while and take stock; knowledge in any form ignites new ideas and wakes people up.

It is an instant energy boost from the Creator through the higher consciousness, this is called inspiration.

Its effects and meaning is endless; its benefits are amazing.

You can walk through the valley and be inspired by the natural beauty and amazement of the colours. Notice each blade of grass as it sways in the wind. Smell the freshness of the trees and the surroundings. The smell is completely different than living in the city. Now look at the mountains, how tall and proud they stand for all to see. Can you see all the different colours in the rocks and moss? Go down further in the valley and then look up. You have noticed the blue sky and clouds going by. Now sit down by the stream, wade your hand in the water. Feel the tingling sensation on your fingertips, the coolness of the water. Now feel the breeze on your face, the warmth of the sun. Now lie down on the grass, arms stretched out, feel the warmth and coolness of the sun and wind at the same time. Now close your eyes and relax.

If you have seen the valley and blade of grass in your mind, then you have just completed meditation with me.

Are you not inspired and overwhelmed with joy.

Your mother living in meditation through inspiration.