Session 233 - Two types of Characters


Hello Son,

Two types of Characters

Though there are many different personalities and characters in people, I will only discussing two.

One type is who follows the holy scriptures to the rule, even so, who does not listen to music on a Sunday or Friday (depending on your own religion), or even films.

The other type is who carry’s on listens and enjoys himself on those days.

Is it so necessary that a person has to be so right and follow everything to the rule?

Are you not capable to enjoy life to the full?

Listening to music or watching TV throughout the week and then stopping on Friday or Sunday will not make any difference.

Look around you, everything you see is yours to enjoy but do not hurt or corrupt anyone.

We must be reminded that inventions are there to be used, so use them and enjoy the pleasures at the same time.

There is plenty of room in everybody’s lives to live the dreams and carry them through to fulfilment; then stopping yourself from doing things that you enjoy.

Read, read and read some more, then in your other time enjoy your life.

Life is meditation; living and carrying out your duties is meditation.

You are all successful in meditation so do not say that you cannot see as you are seeing and enjoying life to the full.

Is this not meditation of this world.

Your mother proud that your are understanding, Shazi’s work.