Session 232 - Seeing life in a different point of view


Hello Son,

Seeing life in a different point of view

A struggle in life can be reflected upon, years later from a different pair of eyes. Without the chaos how can you expect others pain in life and the current climate of illness.

Yes every pain and worry has a purpose that can be understood later with wisdom. It is this pain that will awaken many souls to the final journey of full consciousness.

Appreciate each experience and treasure the result whether it will hurt you or not.

When a person falls down repeatedly and each time he gets up to carry on, the Creator applauds him and praises him in the presence of angels. Do not think that you're alone and no one knows your predicament or circumstance. The pain in your thoughts reverberates to the Creator, He knows and is listening.

Wisdom and understanding comes from the pain and events from a person’s life.

The people who listen and take account of their life, will look back in their life with a different pair of eyes.

When that happens you have understood why that happened or why you were hurt.

These are the eyes of wisdom you will inherit.

Be patient as the rewards are infinite, and an audience with the Creator.

Your mother through the pain of her eyes which are opened.