Session 231 - Never ending journey


Hello Son,

Never ending journey

I ask you, does everything need a purpose?
Can you live, without knowing?
Do all your questions get answered?

Is the path I walk, the right one?
How do I know what I am doing is right?
Can you help me?

Why do I feel so lost and yet so happy?
Is there another way?
Does it matter?

I know what I am doing is right, but I cannot explain it?
Can’t you see what I am seeing?
Why not? Try

How long is this journey?
Am I allowed to look back?
Am I there yet?

Can you think clearly now?
Isn’t it inspiring?
Can you feel the peace?

Have you listened to your heart?
Can you hear it beat?
It called you yesterday, did you hear it?

Who’s the boss?
Is it your heart or your mind?
Who’s your boss now?

Are you worried?
Do you think they will lead you astray?
Have you finally understood?

Smile I am with you.

Your mother, enlightening the confused.