Session 230 - Evidence in nature


Hello Son,

Evidence in nature

God is light, all creation is made up of his light. All galaxies and even black holes consist of light. Therefore we can conclude that all forms of existence are made up of light in its pure form.

If we look hard in nature, the evidence of His light is there. For example a precious stone, compare this with the ordinary greyish, black stones found everywhere on beaches and side of mountains. In these stones we cannot see the colours. However in an emerald or a sapphire we can see the beauty in the colours.

Precious and coloured stones are the evidence of Gods power and light trapped inside an ordinary worthless stone. But made valuable by the brilliant colours it comes in.

Just imagine and think or even pause, how a stone from the ground can be so beautiful that mankind has been fighting over its rights for centuries. We even wear it round our neck proudly like a trophy.

God has left many signs for mankind to think and remind him that He is the maker, fashioner of all creation. His authority is paramount and it He we should be calling for assistant when in need.

He has left reminders of His amazing creations in stones and the beauty in flowers too. There is no doubt mankind cannot even emulate any of His creations without His help.

Wonders in nature are there to give thanks to the Creator and a present for mankind to admire and appreciate.

We need no reminder that God is made of a multitude of forms, lights and each has its own characteristics and creative attributes. Each creation is a formula of light that has come to form in shape and space. From infinity to a finite element.

Amazing how the colours of these valuables shine in the light.

Your mother admiring the evidence of Gods light in nature.