Session 229 - Duty and responsibility


Hello Son,

Duty and responsibility

The world we live in can be difficult and at the same time memorable. In our lifetime we can all look back in our lives of moments when we were happy. These are when we enjoyed the events and are able to store these memories in our subconscious.

The Creator sent us down to Earth to live each moment to our ability; not to squander the time away.

It doesn’t matter, who you are or what your religion or beliefs are, we all have responsibilities that the Creator has given us. This could be in a family, a work place or caring for someone, we all have duties and responsibilities that need to be done first, above all others.

A family needs are many, and they must come first. It is a structure that the Creator has set forth to carry out these duties, rather than cut your life away from others.

These duties and responsibilities build the foundation of a person and his inner strength. We learn all sorts of skills that are readily needed in everyday life challenges.

To be patient, we have to go through the experience ourselves and be patient when the occasion arises.

To be caring, we have to care for someone and feel the emotions both you and the person you are caring for.

To be responsible, we have to look after, care and have responsibility to gain the trust to be called responsible.

To have a duty for something, we must first again go through and carry out the duties that are necessary in life.

We have mentioned some examples that living and its challenges are not necessarily important but vital for a person to build his foundation. Once we have carried out our early duties then we can gain the trust from the Creator. He too has duties that need to be attended to, only He can tell you in secret what they are.

Carryout and live in moderation all duties and responsibilities.

Your mother guidance in all aspects of life.