Session 228 - Addiction and Sensation


Hello Son,

Addiction and Sensation

In this era addiction from drugs, alcohol, smoking and compulsive disorders are paramount. All of these intoxicants are widely available which has made it easy for the user to buy these things. Trying to rid of the habits, governments and charity organisations all around the world has spent billions. Families have been destroyed and the anguish increases day by day, as there is no end in sight.

Mankind is obsessed with some kind of high sensation in this world, which is never lasting. Once a person has a drink the sensation is small in happiness or excitement, but again short lived. The person has another drink then another to keep up the sensation. It is a never ending spiral as there is no real nourishment, lasting high or sensation for the person.

We have to ask the question, why so many people want to reach out and be additive or continuously abuse themselves orally in such a way? What is the secret of this sensation they all want to seek?

This sensation they all feel is common to this material world which is full of all sorts of addictions.

Now consider an addiction which gives rise to endless pleasure and happiness, which both nourishes and enriches the mind, body and soul. This is the first sensation when Adam came face to face with his Creator, the acknowledgement and excitement he must have felt.

It is this higher connection we must seek, to reach this inner peaceful sensation that ignites all the vibrations in the body. It is this peace that nourishes and spreads energies flooding into the body and replaces old energies. In this state we feel alert and full of inspiration.

This is the sensation we must be seeking and anything from the material world, are never fulfilling but only destructive.

This world only gives us more problems when we try to solve them. There seems to be no end to problems as they keep on coming. If we only connect to within and reach our inner peace, we can access the wisdom to reflect on the lives we lead; and truly understand the patience and virtues required to live this temporary life.

It is the right time to reach out and the sensation that nourishes and ignites the correct passions the mind, body and soul needs.

Your mother for ever passionate on spirituality.