Session 227 - Happiness is a reflection of one’s own self


Hello Son,

Happiness is a reflection of one’s own self

In life there are lots of things in the material world that make us happy; the examples are endless as mankind has spent so much time originating them.

Television and outdoor activities are the main source of entertainment. We spend so much time on these, but as soon as they are gone, we do not know what to do. Once again we become sombre and agitated, next thing we go around the cycle looking for another program or activity to lift our mood.

It is a never ending cycle, for short happiness to be gained. Have you wondered why this cycle is not lasting, as man soon gets fed up of things? The reason is simple, happiness in the material world is short lived and manmade.

This is what we call exterior happiness.

This does not nourish the mind and body, but only for a short while. What we need to seek is the happiness that is everlasting.

There is no doubt in life that every soul on Earth wants to be happy and live comfortably without stress and worry. This has been everybody’s aim in life for ages to now.

But we have forgotten that this is exterior happiness and what we should be looking for, is interior happiness.

Happiness is a reflection of one’s own inner self of the heart. This is our own DNA or finger print of man. This is the source of the pool of happiness that flows in multicoloured refined light throughout the body; nourishing and re-energising the energies lost.

Look inwards and there you will find the source of all happiness. Ask what you desire in life and the answers will come; as the higher consciousness is eager to reply.

Create a communication with your inner self and find this sacred and nourishing source.

Your mother forever nourishing the inner state of mind and body.