Session 226 - The power of belief


Hello Son,

The power of belief

How strong is your belief? Ask yourself now.

Does your belief give you conviction to carry on and further your progress?

These two questions need to be answered again and again, until the person walking the spiritual path is satisfied, wholeheartedly. Otherwise he would be wavering and continuously unsure, moments of his life.

If we get rid of the doubt that plagues the mind then progress can come swiftly with ease. But the key word here is conviction. This means determination without the doubt.

When we have entered the lights of belief and it has surrounded the body within and out, we can feel its power. As belief gives power to the person and energies that make us less tired.

This power, as long as we keep hold to our belief, gives rise to peacefulness and balance of the conscious and subconscious minds. We can do any task with ease, without the stress and panicky feelings.

People with belief, have more energy than those who do not as less energy is wasted from worrying. There is calmness about them, as they can easily reflect and evaluate things quickly, because of their strength of their belief.

It is like two things for example, internal and external strengths of the mind that give rise to tireless energies, that do not deplete but replete again and again.

Connecting yourself to the Almighty and Infinite Creator, will result in the end of corruption of yourself, that is the ego. It is this ego that stops the belief from increasing and the materialistic world.

We must all work on our beliefs, in whatever tasks or things we do; whether they be small or big things it does not matter. Focus inside and hold on to the things that you cherish as this is the thought of belief’s strength.

Your mother who too wavered from belief and doubt, until she conquered herself and witnessed the truth.