Session 224 - Something is waiting for me


Hello Son,

Something is waiting for me

The higher consciousness is constantly prompting us to do this or do that. Ideas continuously flood our minds as an explosion of thoughts run through the mind.

The desire to know our outer purpose in life is forever in our minds. We intuitively know that something is missing or something is waiting for us. It is this unaccomplished feeling that we constantly carry, like a heavy weight that makes many people restless and unhappy.

When these questions can be answered (my purpose in life), then and only then we can move ahead in our spiritual quest to know the knowledge of all truths.

As long as the feelings of ‘something is not quite right’ are in our lives, we continually walk blindly down the path, needlessly hoping for change.

To tackle the problems head on and face these fears, we can rest our aching mind and heart. We do not realise the burden and worries we carry each day, that cloud our judgement.

Get rid of them.

Put all restlessness to one side and try to come to terms with yourselves and your life, but do not fool yourself in doing so. The higher consciousness and the Creator knows the truth inside your heads.

Share ideas within your families and work as a unit to achieve this individually.

Like an ugly duckling which throughout its life was mocked and ridiculed, you will rise in beauty and mature consciously.

The awakening is forever around you, do not lose heart.

Your mother guiding all who listen inside themselves.