Session 223 -The moment is Now


Hello Son,

The moment is Now

Far too many people are always waiting for something or delaying plans for things to do. It is important to live your life to the full; this is a common saying, and we should not wait for things to happen but make them happen for ourselves.

The moment is now and not tomorrow so do not delay. The higher consciousness is always giving advice to you by giving power words or images in your mind. It is advising you to be active in all your approaches rather than relying on others too much.

Independence is the start of inner strength and guidance. When we get to these state, things around us become favourable as the cosmos and nature open their energies to serve us. This happens all the time but we are not aware of this as for most it is not regular, so we do not notice what is happening.

Living in this world and doing the things as others do is all part of the upbringing of man and its development of its consciousness. Every experience and the world dilemma’s are all part of the adventures of this life. Each predicament is a problem to be solved and they all have been achieved; otherwise we would not have progress in our lives.

The mind is always learning in each stage of our lives as we grow up and face new challenges.

New ideas give rise to new thoughts that ignite the instinct inside of us. Experience is a powerful tool to have as it gives us the platform to move further ahead.

Do not feel down, by the news around you, but be hopeful that the world will fulfil its promises to you. It will truly be exciting in the future as long as your dreams are kept alive; so do not let the light fade.

Make time for families and enjoy the relationships you have with them. They ignite excitement and passion, which are attributes of the Creator.

Your mother wishing you all to, move forward in your own journeys in life.