Session 222 - Truth is Reality


Hello Son,

Truth is Reality

In a court of law, an eye witness is worth its weight in gold compared to someone who says or written that he was a witness to something. What the person saw is the truth, for example.

Our third dimensional senses, touch, smell, taste, eyes, ears, only witness reality of this realm. The senses interpret the information in our minds and we witness daily events, this is what we perceive as reality for most of mankind.

However we need reminding that Reality in the spiritual realm is not third dimension.

What we see with our eyes is not reality; this is not the truth, but an illusion of the material world.

Truth only exists in our subconscious sight or third eye or soul’s sight. When we see with this eye, we are witness to Reality in the realm of the Creator. It is how God perceives this.

When we become a witness to this, then we will understand what Reality and the truth is. Through this sight understanding quickly follows and we will be able to understand the Laws of Reality and knowledge of the infinite Creator.

Everyone in mankind needs to witness with their third eye the spiritual realm and be an eye witness to the truth.

This is all your targets and it is a task which must be completed with patience. Some will find this difficult, but with dedication and belief you will all become successful.

Like an athlete who practices his skills many hours in a day and week, we must do the same to achieve the result.

Meditation is the key to inner sight.

Your mother who too meditated to witness the truth.