Session 221 - Power of words


Hello Son,

Power of words

Some words have more meaning and power than others. Consider reading a newspaper and think about how many newspapers are sold every day. We can easily assume there must be at least a 100 million or even more, that are sold and read every day.

What happens to those newspapers the very next day; they are usually thrown away. Then the cycle goes round again and we go out to buy another newspaper again and so on.

Newspapers contain words too, but what sort of value do they contain. Well, if we throw them away, it is obvious that they mean very little. So the power of words the newspapers contain is very little to none. Think about it in detail, why do we throw them away rather than keeping them.

All holy books, books written by Saints in the past have stood better over the years, even thousands of years. The words they contain have relevance and most of all have power in the meaning of the words.

They did not write down the words, without thinking first but, written from their higher consciousness and from the pool of infinite knowledge from the Creator. When we read pieces of work like this we are immediately inspired and sometimes overwhelmed. Because we have understood the meaning as the Creator, the Ultimate Writer, meant us to understand.

Every word and sentence contains the personality of the writer; when we read an image is portrayed in our minds. We begin to understand the depth of its meanings contained in every piece of work.

We have to be careful what we read, as some books can lead many to negativity and confusion. Some people can even be very upset because of the words they contain.

There are some who do not recognise the truth, even if they are written down in plain terminology. There is no shame but only God can make them understand in time.

The Power of words inspires many people to do things and give us a big energy boost, which is always welcome.

The words and all the words written in all the channelling are true, if you only knew and they will be read over and over again.

Your mother an inspiration in the words written.