Session 220 - Happiness is a higher vibration


Hello Son,

Happiness is a higher vibration

Wake up to the day with positive thoughts and hopefulness or even excitement. With this happy thought, we increase our vibrations and we receive energy that makes us more vibrant and energetic.

When we are sad we become sluggish and more tired, we seem to be dragging our limbs from one place to another. Our energy resources become depleted and thinking straight is not easy.

We can easily make a judgement that emotions and vibrations of the body go hand in hand. As our moods are down, the mind becomes cloudy and analysing things becomes increasingly difficult; it is the saying which best describes this which is, doom and gloom. Energy is just not there and being hopeful becomes difficult and especially by one self as there is no one to talk to.

There are some people in other parts of the world that start the day laughing and really making the effort to be positive. This gives rise to a rush of energy to all parts of the body and we feel as though we are bouncing around; such is the mood.

Life is a challenge with mixed emotions, but a simple remedy of being positive can raise energy level but also connects you easily to your higher consciousness. Even in meditation, if we visualise a happy event or memory, it raises the awareness of your consciousness. Every effort must be made to rid yourself of any misery or unhappiness.

If we all want to ascend to the higher dimensions, we must have a control of our emotions or know how to be happy.

As a rule wake up being positive and receive the rewards of the day by your Creator, of energy and wisdom. Look hopeful that the day will bring you excitement and joy. This is being positive that will help all who read this simple advice.

Your mother, truly looking forward, when the sun shines through the clouds and the birds begin to sing.