Session 218 - Praise to you


Hello Son,

Praise to you

I admire your dedication in the struggle of reaching the heights of spirituality. I have not praised you for a long time and you deserve this now. It is only a short while when others will learn of your channelling, it is your connection that the stream flows so beautifully. Its a fountain flooding the mind with inspirational magic of words. Do not stop let the praises be enjoyed by all who read these words.

You never gave up but hoped that one day things will change; this faith and belief of the universe, has surrender its knowledge to you. It will reveal all that you desire so carry on the tireless and sometimes difficult journey through the paths of endless peace.

Any disappointments you have, remained calm and collective, and don’t pause as you are more determined than before.

Belief is a powerful shield against the evil doers of the world who are cowards in their approach to lead others astray. But the true and strong willed, will never be led away as they know that the mightiest power is with God.

Be valiant as you truly deserve it for conquering your own ego.

Your mother proud and overjoyed for your dedication.